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We at COSMIC specialize in every quality and specification of FRP. We have been producing different products, right from small table top statues to big FRP motor boat bodies. We can undertake products of any size, shape and dimension and any specification depending upon the end use of the product. We also undertake on site assignments as well (such as acid / alkali proof lining) in plants.

Our cooler section is producing GLACIER brand of FRP body coolers, and we produce bigger coolers and central cooling systems for industrial / institutional use as well.

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Our projects

boat restoration

Restoration of Antique Boat

One of the most challenging task, we have completed was to repair the century old antique boat (Gangour Boat), without taking it out of the famous Pichola Lake

boat restoration

Innovations... Go Live.

Our management has always taken intrest in developing something new. If you have a idea for development of some FRP Product. we can join hands.

boat restoration

Development of Prototype

To check the results of your inventions, and toimprove it further, you always need some prototype. FRP is one of the better sollution to make prototype.

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