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Our Frp Furniture

FRP, because of its special anticorrosive properties is suitable to many applications as a better substitute for wood/metal. And since it can be molded as per desired specifications, it has varied uses in furniture industry.

It can be produced in user specified colors, hence it can be used as decorative Palmets and Window grills.t is specially suitable for Table Tops, Stools and Chairs in educational institutions and restaurants.

Listed below are some items made from FRP:

  • Table Tops
  • Stools
  • Chair and Table set for children
  • Cabinets
  • Show Room Racks
  • Books Supporters
  • Fridge Trolleys
  • Garden Bench
frp room coolers
frp room coolers
Low Height Stool
Canteen Furniture
frp room coolers
frp room coolers
frp room coolers
Garden Chairs
Garden Bench
Waiting Chairs