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Our Frp Architectural Products

Fiber Reinforced Plastic or FRP has many utilities for architects and civil engineers in construction activities. The material is light weight, rust or corrosion resistant, fire, water, heat and even acid resistant, termite proof and there is no effect of extreme weather conditions. Moreover it provides excellent flexibility since it can be moulded as per desired specifications.

This gives a scope to use it as a substitute for wood, metal and even stone. Some uses are listed below:

  • Door and window borders
  • Arches, Mehrabs and Gokhdas
  • Railings and Pillars
  • Partitions
  • Split A/C Covers
  • Statues
  • Decorative Windows/Frames/Grills
  • Palmet
frp room coolers
frp room coolers
frp room coolers
Big Collent Duct
White Marble Look-alike AC Covers
Big Cooler Luvers
frp room coolers
frp room coolers
frp room coolers
Jaisalmer Stone Look-alike Grills
On Wall Flower Vase and light Holders
More Durable Salt Hoppers

Since the material can be produced in any color and specification, it gives enormous flexibility to the planner to go for it. Though it may be a little costlier than the conventional material, considering the greater life span of the material, it is really a better choice.

There are a number of areas where FRP can be used. One only has to use his imagination and the desired product can be produced as per given specification, color and properties.