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FRP Product Manufacturer

Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) or Composite is a material that combines fiber and a binding matrix to maximize specific performance properties. Neither material merges completely with the other. In simpler words, it is a material obtained by mixing of fiber and resin  so that the end product acquires the desired strength and properties.

FRP can be produced in a number of varieties, depending upon the specific requirements. By using different fiber qualities and resin specifications, desired strength, flexibility, color, transparency, and other qualities such as Acid proof, Alkali proof, fire retardant, Food Grade etc. can be obtained.

FRP is a very flexible and user friendly product. Using different moulds, a lot of products can be made. And this flexibility, coupled with the inherent qualities of FRP, makes it an excellent substitute for a number of other materials such as wood, steel, ceramic, plastic etc.  Products made of FRP are maintenance free, can withstand extreme weather conditions and are immune to ultra violate radiation. Therefore the product made of FRP can be used both indoors as well as outdoors. what is more, The product can be rebuffed to give it a new look.

We at COSMIC specialize in every quality and specification of FRP. We have been producing different products, right from small table top statues to big FRP motor boat bodies. We can undertake products of any size, shape and dimension and any specification depending upon the end use of the product. We undertake on site assignments as well (such as acid/alkali proof lining) in plants. Our cooler section is producing GLACIER brand of FRP body coolers, and we produce bigger coolers and central cooling systems for industrial/institutional use as well.

If you have any quarry about fiber glass, products made of FRP, their technical specification, utility or your specific requirement, or if you wish to know ANYTHING related to our activity or products including Solar Geysers or Coolers, or if you require any specific article, including the Gift section, made as per your order, use our feedback form or mail us at

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We undertake all kinds of tailor-made jobs and special projects involving FRP