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Our Frp Sanitary Products

FRP is a versatile material which can be used in interior decoration in different ways. The scope for moulding and production in desired color gives an added advantage.

Similarly it has varied use in sanitary articles. Bathroom is the place which is exposed to maximum amount of moisture and hence it can be used as a substitute to wood. Even FRP coating on wooden or metal doors can increase their life tremendously.

Some useful items made of FRP are listed below:

  • Cisterns and Cistern covers
  • Basin Shelf
  • Decorative mirror frame
  • Platform Basin
  • Bath tubs (Fiber Glass)
  • Bath tubs (Poly Marble)
  • Wash Basin
  • Bathroom cuboids (Stools)
  • Soap Cases/Dishes
frp room coolers
frp room coolers
frp room coolers
Cistern tank
Wash Basin
WC Seat Covers
frp room coolers
frp room coolers
frp room coolers
FRP Bath Tub
Bath Tub
heavy duty frp cistern covers
frp heavy duty parlour wash basin
bath stool frp
Cistern covers
Parlour Wash Basin
Bath Stool