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Our Frp body room coolers & Desert Coolers

Today, lot of room coolers are available in market, both in the branded as well as unbranded segment, usually made of GI sheet or Aluminum sheet body. Body of cooler has maximum exposure to temperature and moisture, resulting in corrosion / rust. Many manufacturers opt for plastic in place of metal sheets. This increases the cost of product but reduces the sturdiness.

FRP is a far better choice as it is sturdier, shock proof, and corrosion proof. We manufacture GLACIER brand of FRP body coolers in a vide range of size, shape and colors. These coolers are shock and leak proof. The body is corrosion proof and maintenance free, since it does not require regular painting, as is the case with GI sheets. And the body can easily be rebuffed to give it a brand new look. These coolers have detachable coaster wheels and large pad area & innovative water supply to maximize cooling. Scientifically designed four way air diverters with bigger slots in grills for air intake give maximum cooling with minimum moisture. These coolers are available in any desired color to suit the interior of the room. There is no adverse effect of weather on these coolers, hence these can be put out side the room also. And at the end of it, these coolers are not expensive as widely believed.

And it is maintenance free also. Unlike GI Sheets, it does not require regular painting. The body made of FRP can easily be rebuffed to give it a brand new look. And it is available in many fascinating colors to match the interior of your room.

frp room coolers
frp room coolers
frp room coolers
Room Cooler Design : 1
Desert Cooler Design : 2
Desert Cooler Design : 3
frp room coolers
frp room coolers
frp room coolers
Desert Cooler Design : 4
Desert Cooler Design : 5
Desert Cooler Design : 6

Bigger coolers and Central cooling systems

For cooling requirements of large areas such as Showrooms, Restaurants, Industrial establishments, Office premises, Conference halls, Community centers etc. we manufacture special custom designed coolers and central cooling systems. These are extra heavy duty coolers made of FRP to give maximum cooling with minimum humidity and are designed specially to cool larger areas. We also undertake cooling assignments as per individual requirements and covered area to be cooled.

central room cooling system, big coolers