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Our High Quality Frp Scientif Instruments

We are manufacturing specific apparatus, equipments & implements of FRP or commonly known as Fiber Glass. The fiber glass is a sturdy material which can withstand a lot of weight/stress and is corrosion proof. It is the ultimate choice at the places which are constantly in touch with water/other liquids and humidity.

We are giving below some of our Scientific products which we have supplied to Vidya Bhawan Polytechnic College, Udaipur. These products are only indicative and we can supply any product as per your specification, retaining the quality at the maximum.

frp room coolers
frp room coolers
frp room coolers
Bernoulli's Equipment

For perfect incompressible fluid, flowing through a continuous stream. The total energy remains the same, while the particles move from one point to the other.

z+v2/2g+p/w = Constant           z = Potential Energy
v2/2g = Kinetic Energy              p/w = Pressure Energy

This equipment is made of FRP (Glass Fiber) & Glass tubes. Only metallic item is the valve, which can be replaced without much difficulty/ expenses.

Orifice Equipment

This equipment is used to find co-efficient of contraction, co-efficient of velocity and co-efficient of discharge of small orifice.

This equipment is made of FRP (Glass Fiber), hence it is corrosion and rust proof. This eliminates frequent replacement of equipment, saving a considerable amount of money.

V Notch Equipment

A notch may be defined as an opening in one side of a tank or reservoir with upstream liquid level below the top edge of opening, for measurement of discharge.

Conventional V-Notch equipments are made of metal and are therefore prone to corrosion and rust. Such equipments are required to be replaced frequently. We manufacture the same equipment with FRP (Glass Fiber) which is a one time investment.